Apart from dental implants and bridges, dentures are the other popular procedure for the replacement of missing teeth. Considering their safety and track record, dentures are one of the most preferred methods for missing teeth. With the advancement of technology, dentures have become a very convenient and cosmetically aesthetic alternative to teeth replacement. One more aspect that goes in their favor is the level of comfort that dentures offer to the patients. There is no denying the fact that a properly implemented denture improves the facial appearance which is often drawn or sagging due to missing teeth – taking away a lot of years from your face.

In common parlance, dentures are also called false teeth – they are a dental device which consists of a plate with artificial teeth attached which is held in place by the suction power of your gums. The materials used in the fabrication of dentures are produced from synthetic materials such as acrylic resins – The use of this material enables us to bite and chew in the same way as with natural teeth.

There are two types of dentures:

•   Partial denture
•   Complete denture

A partial denture is worn by people who only have a teeth missing whereas the complete denture replaces all of your teeth.


These are utilized when some of the teeth are still functional and in god health – They prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of position due to lost teeth. As part of the normal aging process, teeth fall out and this generates a gap – Teeth either side of the gap start moving out of position due to a lack of support. This shifting of position can cause a whole range of problems such as bone loss around that area. A partial denture provides an easy and long lasting solution to this dental imbalance and inhibits any unnecessary movement of the teeth on either side of the gap.


This is utilized when every single tooth has given away to age or accident – A complete or full set of dentures are worn as a replacement for all of your teeth.


Your dentist at All Care Dental will start the procedure by counseling you regarding the various aspects of the dentures. The first step is the examination of your teeth to check their condition. This is done to understand your dental structure and suitability to go for a denture.

Procedures like cleaning, scrapping or whitening may be prescribed by your dentist so that a healthy background is created for the application of dentures. Next, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth which is used by a dental laboratory as a guide to producing your new dentures. This impression is done via a mould and dental putty which you bite into it. The fabrication process for your dentures is kicked-off after the dental imprint has been taken – In some cases X-rays might also be required in order to create a precise denture which fits perfectly. It is important that the laboratory has the exact measurements of your teeth in order for the dentures to fit correctly.

With huge leaps in the field of cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and dentures are sometimes utilized simultaneously.


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