Dental procedure costs are one of the highest and most of the patients cannot afford it unless supported by their insurance. But at All Care Dental, we totally understand the urgency and need for a timely dental check-up and go out of the way to help our clients manage their finances without skipping a single visit to their dentist. Patients who are making their first visit to our center can talk to a counselor or a dentist and explain their needs so that a manageable plan can be made.

High quality dentistry is an excellent investment in your health and well being. We believe that finances should not be an obstacle to obtaining the treatment you desire. We have a variety of payment options to help make quality dental care affordable. Many of our patients choose to pay for their dental investment over time. We work with banks that will provide our patients with credit options specifically for dental procedures. Most of these finance plans require no intitial payment and low interest rates for 18 to 60 months.

All Care Dental is committed to providing the best and most affordable dental service to its patients. We work with you to understand your financial situation as well as your insurance cover. We try to be as flexible as possible in terms of insurance acceptance – the most important consideration being the dental health of our patients.

Our goal is to always help you maximize your dental insurance coverage. Please keep in mind that the prime mandate of insurance companies is cost containment—a strategy that does not necessarily equate to high quality dental care. Because of this, we are not a defined preferred provider for any specific insurance company. However, we do bill all major insurance companies, and our expert staff will work with you to maximize your benefit.

This is a common question among the patients and rightfully so. Our dentists usually counsel patients before the X-ray to apprise them of all the scientific facts and fictions about the dental x-rays. Every procedure will be carried out in consultation with the doctor and the patient.

Many people are concerned about the potential health effects of dental x-rays.


At All Care Dental we use state-of-the-art digital radiography. This technology reduces your radiation exposure by up to 90% and eliminates the use of chemicals. It’s better for you and the environment.


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