Often the Root Canal treatment evokes dread and pain – and there is no denying the fact that the Root Canal treatment involves cleaning up the nerves connected to the center of the tooth. The cleaning up of the root canal might be required because of an infection which might be caused by a number of factors which include an injury, severe tooth decay or a leaking filling. The branch of dentistry which deals with root canal treatment is ‘endodontics’. The root canal system in a tooth contains the soft centre such as the pulp and runs from the crown (top) of the tooth down to the root (bottom).

In contrast to the hard enamel, the pulp is a very sensitive part of the tooth which contains the nerves and blood vessels. This soft tissue can get infected and finally infect the surrounding tissues also – This results in a very painful situation and in severe cases, can lead to facial swelling. This is a characteristic feature of a dental abscess which occurs due to infection within the tooth.

At All Care Dental, while our emphasis is on a painless treatment of Root Canal, the major objective of the team is to remove the bacteria from the tooth before it leads to further damage. This can be done in either of two ways:

         •    Root canal treatment (removal of bacteria from the infected tooth).
         •    Tooth extraction

Considering the fact that the tooth can be saved if the bacteria is removed by the cleaning up of the Rootcanal, this treatment is the preferred form of treatment as compared to an extraction. Neither the dentists nor the patients want to lose a tooth because of so many physiological and psychological implications associated with it.

The recommended expert for a Root Canal is an ‘endodontist’ as he / she is a specialist to undertake such a delicate and precision based job. One of the first things that your dentist will do is the removal of the infected pulp from within the tooth following by a cleaning of the root canal. An enlargement of the root canal might be required so that it can be filled and sealed. This may require several visits before the root canal is ready to be filled. The dentist may place a special medication within the canal which helps to kill any remaining bacteria. Antibiotics might be required if there is an abscess inside the root canal – Use of antibiotics will reduce the swelling.

Your dentist at All Care Dental might suggest supplementary procedures like whitening and filling so that there is minimal chance of any further infection.


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