Snoring related problems have spread like an epidemic in recent times – As our lifestyle has moved into the superfast lane, the one thing that is affected is our sleeping pattern. Snoring is one of the most audible symptoms of a dysfunctional sleeping pattern. The treatments for snoring that is available at All Care Dental are the most modern and contemporary methods of treatment aimed at combating the effects of snoring which can harm the sleeping patterns of individuals and their loved ones.


Snoring happens during sleeping when the muscles around your neck relax This also leads to a relaxation of the muscles found in your mouth and throat. This results in the soft tissue of your throat vibrating therefore snoring happening. While most of us snore, the decibel level of some of us is greater than others, which creates a noise distress not just on the person snoring but those in close vicinity. When we are awake, the muscles are taut which means that there are no vibrations – hence no snoring. However, for those suffering from snoring there are several products and forms of treatments which can assist in achieving a peaceful night’s sleep.


Made from extremely tough and durable Chrome Cobalt, Somnowell withstands the pressure of time and doesn’t crumble – The same material is also utilized to create other high quality products such as crowns, bridges and dentures. This reason is that it is impermeable when under attack from bacteria and germs. Majority of the snoring products which are created using acrylic material have a tendency to succumb to harmful elements. Whilst you are asleep, the Somnowell device holds your mouth in the recovery position enables you to have a well maintained airway when you most need it.

Convenience is one of the other features of Somnowell and is designed not just to assist you in resolving your snoring problems but for the wearer to do so in a pain free fashion – Somnowell uses a distinct lower jaw connection socket which allows for the tongue to have more movement when it wishes to do so.


It is a custom-made apparatus which works by holding the jaw forward by two to three centimeters which reduces the stress on the throat muscles. After the counseling session, an impression of your mouth will be taken and your customized SLEEPWELL can be used as soon as you want it to be. Only two visits are required for getting a custom SLEEPWELL for you or your dear ones.



This is an extremely simple and easy to use treatment for those who suffer from sleep apnea (a serious breathing disorder which affects many and if not treated can cause an increased mortality rate). Orthoapnea has one of the best success rates as far as the correction of sleeping pattern is concerned – No wonder that orthoapnea is made out of such strong materials as titanium screws – as the jaw muscles are extremely strong. The purpose of utilizing Orthoapnea is to hold the teeth in place whilst pushing the jaw forward so when the patient is fast asleep their airway allows for greater breathing circulation which, in turn, reduces the vibrations attributed to snoring.


This is one of the newer products which is getting a high attention from both the patients and the doctors – It is comprised of a pair of clear plastic aligners which are molded to fit the patient’s teeth that are placed on top of both the upper and lower teeth – As a supporting block, these sections are connected at the side via plastic links. This allows for the patient’s lower jaw to be gently pushed forward, therefore allowing for greater amounts of air to leave and enter the patient rather than causing excessive snoring.

The medical team at All Care Dental is committed to creating a snore-free life for you!


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