With the advancement in dental techniques and procedures, tooth whitening systems have been able to offset a lot of negative impact of discoloration. This popular procedure can be performed either at home or through a casual visit to your dentist’s office. Any teeth whitening system is by no means a permanent solution, but it does provide a cleaner and fresher looking teeth with just a few applications – and with proper dental hygiene, the cleaner look continues for a long time.
Some of the most popular teeth whitening system in Miami that we assist are listed below.

Considered the most convenient and popular method of whitening teeth, at-home teeth whitening is adopted by majority of our patients in Miami. A mold of your teeth is taken during the first visit to the dentists and this is used to create a comfortable, customized mouth tray. The mouth tray holds a mild solution whose main ingredient is carbamide peroxide, a substance that reacts with water to release a non-toxic bleaching element (hydrogen peroxide). The custom mouth tray is placed inside the mouth, and sits only against the teeth, thereby avoiding contact with the gums. Based on their needs and convenience, patients can wear the mouth tray while they are sleeping or for only a few hours as per their needs. One of the teeth whitening systems that is in greater demand in Miami is the Enlighten Teeth Whitening system.

Our acclaimed dentists in Miami also perform a lot of Laser whitening procedure – This modern and scientifically advanced method for teeth whitening is a laser procedure, performed at the dentist’s office. This treatment involves coating the teeth with a paste-like form of carbamide peroxide. With the application of laser to this paste, the tooth’s enamel takes on a whiter appearance. This technique lasts approximately one hour in the dentist’s chair and involves no further at-home treatment. Laser whitening is much more convenient than the at-home method, but is costlier and with lesser lasting results.

A temporary sensitivity and irritation is common in the at-home treatment – accompanied by a slightly burning feeling in the gums. Many people might require a greater number of applications in order to experience the type of whiteness which they had expected – They may require a “touch-up” treatment. Whitening treatments begin to fade in one to four years. It should be noted that tooth whitening treatments have no effect on the artificial materials used for bonds, veneers, or capped teeth.


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