Far removed from the shiny appearance of the traditional mercury amalgam fillings, the modern day cosmetic white fillings are extremely natural textured which are strong, durable and naturally blending into the dentures. Patients have the luxury to choose from a wide variety of shades in order to ensure that the color of the filling matches the shade of the tooth. The advent of white tooth fillings have provided the much needed cosmetic value to the natural appearance of the dentures – giving the patients the freedom to talk, laugh or smile without any inhibitions. The form and aesthetics of the dental structure can be maintained by utilizing the composite resin – To build up and recontour teeth, as well as change their shape and close selective spacing.

A filling is usually necessary in order to fill up a cavity or tooth decay. A neglected cavity spreads throughout and ends up affecting every nook and corner of the dentures – so, it is always better to utilize proper filling to stem the rot as early as possible.

The majority of the cavities are a result of bad dental hygiene and the lack of daily cleaning makes the perfect environment for the spread of the cavities. Our trusted team of dentists will tell you that any cavity can be avoided by just a simple set of dental regimen.

For a long time Dentists used a metallic tooth filling material (the traditional Amalgam made of silver and mercury) or Gold inlays – Any direct or indirect intake of mercury in any form has a toxic impact on our system and should be avoided at any cost.

Our dental center is one of the most preferred destinations in the region for tooth-colored filling materials – with every filling procedure free from any mercury based filling material – not to speak of the extremely natural blending of the filler material. Virtually invisible, Tooth Colored Fillings look just like your natural teeth so they will not distract away from your smile.

Apart from the procedure, our dental team will also guide you through a prescribed dental hygiene routine which will ensure a healthy denture for years. This includes a routine check-up and cleaning every 6 months as some cavities can appear and grow without any pain at the beginning, and can only be detected by a Dentist. In some cases, our experts will insert a thin layer of white resin (Fissure Sealant) over the deepest parts of the teeth to prevent cavities.


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